Spiritual Custodian

is a sacred mission of caring for the spiritual foundations, future and wellbeing of our world


through works of 

spiritually-centered leadership, education, culture, science and meditation


Hello, Kindred Spirit

” one of the greatest forces on Earth is our power to create and make choices rooted in self-initiated spiritual values “



Thank you for making the space to connect with my mission and work as a spiritual custodian.

Here you’ll find service endeavors I’m stewarding and kindred spirits are dedicated to contributing to heal, unite and care for our Humanity and living Earth.

I welcome you to tour through the spiritual works shared here and be in touch of you are called connect and contribute to our mission liberating spirituality for the wellbeing of our world.



We each incarnate and are born with the living energy of spirituality at the heart of our being.

The heart of our great adventure of spiritual being is to realize and bring to life the spiritual energies, purpose, plans and potentials that reside in each of us to benefit the world.

It’s our experience that our human selves, our diverse cities, our family of nations, our interconnected Humanity and our planet Earth we’re part of are each living entities and energies on extraordinary journeys of spiritual discovery, development, learning, loving, service, sharing, becoming and being.

We’re here to help each other on our extraordinary adventures of spirituality. This is the foundational nature and freedom of our spiritual commons.

My work as a spiritual custodian is founded on our shared commons, goal and need of standing for and enlivening personal, societal and universal spirituality as a way of being to live abundantly, heal our world and fuel our bright futures.

May our journey of enlivening spirituality be noble, adventurous, healing and abundant! 

Sounding A sAcred Call

to spiritual dialogue, kindredship and aid

Dear, Kindred Spirit.

I hope this message finds you well.

My name is Kaisan and as a spiritual custodian, my life’s mission is caring for the spiritual wellbeing of our world.

If you’re a spiritual life, an agent of positive change or world citizen who senses you’re part of an emerging something more, moved by helping our humanity and Earth flourish and dedicating to contributing to the wellbeing of others, I invite you to spiritual conversation to strengthen and care for the wellbeing of our communities, Humanity and living Earth.

In the context of the our Earth’s lifespan and journey of spiritual development, we’re each here on mission Earth for a very short window of time, and there’s much good work and spiritual service to contribute together.

In my experience, our communities and Humanity are at a crossroads of conscience and yearning for a more liberated spirituality whose transformative good for the whole has yet to be truly harnessed.

This crossroads of conscience is our personal and collective opportunity to salute the value of every life, deepen shared values and engage our spiritual choicemaking to liberate our spirituality and transform our world together.

Liberating spirituality for the wellbeing of our world calls for:

  • pioneering a spirit of world citizenship we’re just beginning to realize,
  • cultivating a sacred commons of loving kindredship that nourishes the divine potential of every life,
  • and growing a culture of wise leadership and cooperative goodwill guided by greater agency of our of spiritual energies to solve the challenges we’re facing and flourish on our shared story of evolving together ahead.

A key to navigating our way forward together on our journey of becoming and being is realizing a spiritual ecosystem of energies and factors exists that needs to be more fully understood and built upon through the emerging universal science and art of co-creative spirituality or cospirituality.

The presence and skill of proactively liberating our spirituality is needed more than ever as a shared source and language of principled character, conscience and choice-making to meet our world’s needs and create synergistic solutions for our personal, economic, health, political and existential challenges.

It’s my service work as a spiritual custodian to connect with kindred spirits, change agents and leaders who sense we’re part of a spiritual something more and are driven by helping our Humanity and living Earth heal, flourish and evolve together into our bright future.

It’s in the spirit of community healing, enlightening leadership and liberating spirituality that I make this call to you for spiritual dialogue, kindredship and aid.

I invite you to come together in a virtual/zoom spiritual dialogue with me with a 3-fold purpose:

1 – Strengthen
To strengthen spiritual friendship and build mutual understanding of our missions and endeavors for benefiting the world

2 – Share
To share on challenges and opportunities we’re seeking solutions to in this unprecedented moment and ways we may be able to help one another

3 – Support
To invite you to consider financially aiding the advancement of the mission and works of Spiritual Custodian for building a loving world that cares for everyone

My mission as a spiritual custodian, and of affiliated endeavors such as The Spiritual Trust, are distinctively universal, inclusive and cooperative. 

We are currently focusing our efforts on advancing and fueling a 5-part strategy for liberating and enlivening spirituality for the wellbeing of our word:

1 – Spiritual Ambassadorship and Trust

2 – Community Kindredship and Healing

3 – Energetic Stewardship, Science and Ecology

4 – Wisdom Education and Energy Arts Culture

5 – Spiritual Philanthropists and Fundbuilding

These 5 essential needs and works form a central narrative in enacting meaningful, sustainable change for our communities and contributing to building a strong, flexible foundation of spiritual conditions and consciousness to co-create a more loving world for every life.

We’re working on addressing these spiritual challenges with on-the-ground solutions and action:

Challenge 1:
Empowering connections, conscience and choicemaking to realize our common Humanity and shared spirituality

Solution: Sacred Salutation
Stewarding weekly sacred salutations, dialogues and gatherings building mutual trust, kindredship and shared vision for our bright future with kindred spirits, changemakers and leaders

Challenge 2:
Developing collaborative leaders and leadership around our shared spirituality and bright future
Solution: Cospirituality Leadership
Facilitating 3-month and annual bespoke one-to-one and community-based spiritual leadership and mentorship programs to facilitate proactive spiritual development and progress, solve local and global challenges and co-create a more loving world consciousness and culture

Challenge 3:
Transforming the unseen energetic ecosystem of forces shaping our wellbeing and world
Solution: Planetary Energetic Stewardship, Science and Ecology
Pioneering multi-year energetic ecology, healing and stewardship missions to understand and address the science and ecosystem of energies, forces and factors impacting societal conditions and the developmental progress of Humanity, Cities and Nations

Challenge 4:
Cultivating right relations, diversity and harmonious culture through creative experiences
Solution: Experiential Wisdom Education and Energy Arts Culture
Offering adventures and programs in universal wisdom and experiential energy arts education, teaching and culture to harmonize and cultivate our diverse communities and experiences

Challenge 5:
Generating exploratory and working knowledge and evidence of our spirituality and living universe
Solution: Original Research and Energy Atlasing
Engaging original research, energy-based charting, surveying and forecasting of our planetary spiritual history, purposes, conditions, trends and potentials for our future

Challenge 6:
Bridging human, planetary and cosmic consciousness through stewardship of impacting spiritual energies
Solution: Spiritual Festivals of World Service
Growing monthly 7-day Spiritual Festivals of World Service as a universal practice for spiritual seekers, servers and leaders to contribute to stewarding cyclic currents of evolutionary energies, nourishing our communities and growing world citizenship

Challenge 7:
Freeing money from the control of selfish interests and generating, ongoing funding for future-forward spiritual endeavors
Solution: Patron Engagement and Fundbuilding
Catalyzing self-initiating world citizens with financial means and philanthropists who recognize their unique role and responsibility of uplifting and transforming our world through the spiritual value and agency of money to proactively fuel and fund the unique work of Spiritual Custodian and affiliated endeavors

Challenge 8:
Awakening and investing the community of spiritual agents dedicated to planetary progress
Solution: Spiritual Agency and Initiate Outfitting
Discovering, training, equipping and supporting a diverse, multidisciplinary community of skilled spiritual agents, servers and ambassadors dedicated to advancing societal and planetary spiritual wellbeing centered around a shared purpose and plan of good for the whole in our specialized fields of capacity and contribution

Challenge 9:
Generating inclusive, sustainable local and systemic solutions for the world plan of love and path of spiritual evolution
Solution: Cospiritual Design and Solutions
Designing, developing and catalyzing custom spiritual solutions, initiatives and action plans for individuals, communities and endeavors to enact their co-creative spiritual purpose, values and missions of god for the world

Challenge 10:
Growing a culture of world citizenship through our personal, societal and planetary spirituality
Solution: World Cooperation and Meditation Summits
Initiating and leading 8-day seasonal Weeks of World Cooperation and Meditation Summits mobilizing spiritual collaboration and support around our shared visions, projects and actions for realizing individual, societal and planetary progress

Key fields of care impacted through our collaborative work:

  • Catalyzing spiritual freedom and service
  • Empowering spiritual dimensions of democracy
  • Transforming systemic, institutionalized and personalized materialism
  • Pioneering energetic ecology for our environment and Earth
  • Stewarding energies impacting our progress and future
  • Elevating the energetic atmospheres that condition our consciousness
  • Empowering spiritual choice-making
  • Liberating money for world benefit
  • Reimagining education and the learning experience
  • Developing loving understanding and intuitional rapport
  • Nourishing souls and purpose of our youth
  • Growing wisdom education and loving understanding
  • Realizing whole person healthcare
  • Creating transformative culture
  • Facilitating social justice and equality
  • Understanding incarnation and death
  • Externalizing forces of love for the whole
  • Realizing sharing economy and resources
  • Catalyzing the world plan of Earth
  • Nurturing the interdependence of our wellness

This transformative moment we’re experiencing together is a collective wake-up and clarion call for us to more fully realize our inherent interdependence and the shared spiritual commons we’re each part of, and be moved to come together to support one another in enacting our missions of good.

If this message finds resonance with you and your mission of good, it’s my hope that we come together in virtual dialogue to connect for a 30- to 60-minute Zoom call in the spirit of helping uplift our world together and liberating the power, shared voice and enlightening leadership of an advancing spirituality.

You can respond to me directly through this email: spiritualcustodian@gmail.com.

Wishing you and yours well on our extraordinary journey ahead.

To our bright future,



a 3-fold unifying mission of
enlivening spirituality for the wellbeing of our world




as citizens of our world of living energies




with our planetary spiritual commons




on our universal way of evolving together


dedicated to enlivening individual, societal and universal spirituality for the wellbeing of our world



a unifying commons and journey of enlivening individual, societal and universal spirituality

The Spiritual Trust originates from a personal and perennial purpose to liberate, nourish and enliven spirituality as a way of being.

One of the most essential individual and societal journeys we are called to set out on as evolving lives is stewarding our unique spiritual missions and values and our shared story of spiritual being to benefit the world.

The Spiritual Trust serves as a unifying commons and collaborative center of living energies to catalyze and realize our unique and universal journeys of spirituality to enrich the wellbeing of our personal lives, communities, Humanity and Earth.


mobilizing kindred spirits of world good dedicated to the wellbeing of Humanity, Nature and Earth

When we realize we’re here to care for and contribute the wellbeing of our communities and our living Earth, we realize we’re vital, potent parts of an existing and dedicated visible and invisible global community of kindred spirits working toward our shared story of evolving together.

World Good serves an an ambassador catalyzing, mobilizing and supporting this existing and growing global movement of the forces of good who love, care and work for the wellbeing of our world.

The “energy of good for the whole” is one of the most essential forces we can more consciously honor and harness together to heal our divides, understand one another and build a world around our shared purpose of wellbeing that cares for everyone.


we’ve incarnated on Earth to do noble, adventurous work together in collaboration with the world plan of love

As we trek our spiritual paths we come to realize we’re all part of and contributing to a shared story of spiritual being and evolving together with our living Earth. The World Plan project is a personal calling and working expedition for kindred spirits who sense and know we’ve incarnated on Earth to work together to help bring the world plan of co-creating a more loving world for everyone to life.

Step forward on your path of bringing the world plan to life.

The Universal Vision

a universal common ground and framework for co-creating a loving world that cares for everyone

The Universal Vision serves as a living center of unifying energies, a common ground for building perennial trust and a spiritual companion for bringing your story and our shared story of evolving together for the wellbeing of the whole to life.

Contribute to helping us co-create the foundation for a loving world.


building our universal foundation of co-creative spirituality

Our journeys and experiences of spirituality are diverse as the number of feet on our Earth and simultaneously as universal as the nature of birth.

Spirituality is a birthright, heritage and language of every living being and serves as a beautifully, noble, diversifying and uniting commons for celebrating and caring for one another, solving the emerging societal challenges we are facing and building the bright future of a more loving world.

Discover the shared value of realizing our cospirituality and building the universal foundations of a world powered by the energies of wholeness, love and enlightenment.

Energetic ECOLOGY

pioneering energetic science and stewardship to heal and transform the ecosystem of energies shaping the wellbeing of our Humanity and Living Earth

To step forward together into the bright future of our shared spirituality of freedom, peace, equality, health and abundance, it’s essential we awaken to and invest in caring for the energetic ecosystem and atmospheres of energy shaping the wellbeing of our social climate, cities, nations and Humanity and living Earth.

Contribute to help us proactively steward the ecosystem of energies and forces shaping our world.


personalized solutions, community experiences and planetary service to heal, transform and spiritualize our world together

At the heart of every life resides the sacred presence and spiritual energies of wholeness, love and enlightenment. Sacred Salutation is endeavoring to spiritualize our world and evoke the living energies of spirituality in the lives of our neighborhoods, communities, cities, nations and shared Humanity.

Step forward on your sacred path and help bring the art and science of Sacred Salutation to life for our evolving world.


The financial dimension of Spiritual Custodian is powered by the generosity and drives of kindred spirits who share in the vision of enlivening spiritual for all beings, love and care for our Humanity and know we are here to help Earth and one another on our paths of evolving together.

I invite you to contribute financially to fuel and fund my life mission and work of Spiritual Custodian and our shared spiritual efforts for the wellbeing of our world for years to come.
Thank you.

In kindredship,
Kaisan | spiritual custodian

” what is the meaning, value and role of spirituality in our lives, our society and our future? “