Is co-creating a spiritual world powered by the living energies of wholeness, love and enlightenment a cause worth investing in?

If you are fueled by spiritual purpose, moved by love of Humanity and recognize the value of our mission of enlivening spirituality as a way of being for the world,

I invite you to give generously and be a dedicated patron to fund, aid and invest in my mission and work as a Spiritual Custodian.

Liberating and enlivening spirituality is a noble, personal and planetary scale endeavor that calls for an abundance of energy, friendship, vision, skill, talent, time, resources and care to fuel its progress and livingness for our world and future generations.

My mission is funded by the spiritual generosity, sacred missions and financial contributions of kindred spirits.

Millions upon millions are needed to spiritualize our world and every individual contribution makes a substantial impact in helping us realize our mission of enlivening spirituality as a way of being. 





For questions about generous giving, being a dedicated patron and fund building goals to fuel my mission and foundational spiritual works for our bright future 

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” i recognize money as a spiritual asset to energize, ground and fuel the forces of love in the world “